Holland wants Nate Diaz

How do I get the BBC layout


Now pls tell me how u think Nate will beat Wonderboy

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Stephen Thompson is washed. He’s not aggressive and he’s slower these days. Nate would walk him down and out box the hell outta him and bully him around the cage as Thompson does nothing but throw leg kicks and body kicks that Nate blocks

It would look like Nick vs Condit but even more dominant and the judges would actually get it right this time

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I’m not sure, but I’d love to see them fight

Nate is 20-13.

Be careful about this washed up talk lol

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I could see wonderboy doing all sort of crazy shit just to keep distance, nate won against petis which koed wonderboy cleanly, so this fight is waste of time, and holland should fight Mas

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Nate Diaz notable wins: Conor. Jim Miller. Michael Johnson. Anthony Pettis. Gray Maynard. Donald Cerrone in his prime. Takanori Gomi

Stephen Thompson notable wins: Vicente Luque. Jorge Masvidal.

I don’t count Rory or Hendricks for Thompson cause that was post steroids

Nate has the better wins and better finishes. He’s had the better ufc career imo



You oh right. You don’t count wins over Rory and Johnny for completely legit reasons. No way it has anything to do with you being a huge fan of the other guy in this conversation lmao

I’m glad you brought that up though. I remember that Thompson beat Rory… But I can’t remember the Nate and Rory fight. Can you refresh my memory on that? Is that the one where Nate got absolutely ragdolled? Lmao!

Also everyone on that list is at lightweight. Name some big wins that Nate has against 170ers.

Marcus Davis? Rory Markham? Haha


I’ve been saying for years Nate belongs at 155. I hate him at 170

After khabib Left and retired, I said Nate had a legitimate chance at being champion at 155 and that’s not me being a fan girl. He’s far better at lightweight

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I agree. He’s got the height for 170, but he just doesn’t have the strength for it.


He’s just lazy and doesn’t want to cut weight lol. Sucks cause even though LW is full of killers I love the matchups there

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I think he struggles to make the weight. That gets a lot harder as you get older. He is also bigger than he’s ever been so it’s more of a weight cut.

I don’t think he’s necessarily lazy, I just think he’s past the point of diminishing returns when it comes to weight cutting.

Skillwise he is more than adequate though.

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Wait. Wonder boy is washed ? When was Nate’s last win ?

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@Vegito_Blue I like you as a poster…

But we are gonna have to disagree on u thinking Wonderboy is a Easy win for Nate.

I could see wonderoldboy finish Nate in 2 rounds.
And I’m a big Diaz fan

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What avout Nate’s failed steroid test?

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Against Anthony Pettis. Who knocked wonderboy clean out