hollanda fought hieron??

i heard fabio hollonda fought jay hieron?? ?any opne have results? i think that would have bene a good one from wha ti hear dof both guys.

Fabio lost by decision. Another Canadian and fellow board member Mark Colangelo also unfortunately lost by decision.

any details on the fight? Who did collangelo fight?

Nardu Deborah vs. Ricardo Deborba.... Nardu via Ref Stoppage

Jay Hieron vs. Fabio Holanda.... Hieron by decision

Tim Creduer vs. Lance Everson.... Creduer via armbar

Mark Colangelo vs. Matt Lee.... Lee by decision

Sam Hogar vs. Chris Herring.... Hogar via submission

Nuri vs. Marcus Davis.... Nuri via rear naked

Fabio Leopoldo vs. Brendan Seguin.... Fabio via doctor stoppage

Renato Migliaccio vs. Rocky Long.... Renato via decision

Bryan Bresler vs. Jason Hathaway.... Draw

Jorge Rivera vs. James Gabert.... Jorge via ref stoppage

TTT for Fabio Hollanda putting it on the line. Also congratrs to Mark Colangleo for once agian showing that he is willing to step up and compete.

TTT for Hollanda and Colangelo!

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Thanks guys. I lost what most called a horse shit decision. Based on there 10 point must system, there is no way i could have lost. Anyway...it was a good fight and I'm happy about the way i fought. I didn't see Fabio's fight, but I heard it was a war! Jay is a teammate of mine and one tough SOB. Fabio and him did battle right to the end but this time around Jay got the "W". Everyone on my team and everyone back stage had nothing but great things to say about Fabio's performance. Best wishes to him in the future and congrats on representing our fighting city of MTL down state side.

Mark, congrats again on the fight man. And I enjoyed your commentary on the small part of TKO I saw. Thanks for the advice on my leg yesterday. It was simple, but it helped a lot.

Congrats to my favorite moumoune Mark C.

thanks colangelo for the description of the holanda's fight. both you did a great job out there!! congrats!!

I just saw the Holanda's fight. It was a amazing fight, guys. It was right just mark colangelo said, it was a war from the beggining to the end. Fabio almost won by submission 4 times (triangle, omoplata, leg lock and arm bar).

The leg lock and the arm bar were the most dangerous to Hieron. But the problem was that the holanda's hand got tied on the rings when he was trying a leg lock and the referee had to stop the fight and ask to them to stand up. So, Fabio lost the position and Hieron escaped.

After that, fabio got him in a arm bar, hieron taped out but when he taped out the bell ringed too. So amazing. Almost at the same time. We can see in the tape the afraid Hieron's face asking the referee if the time was up before he taped out.

And more, Hieron is a wrestling first division in USA and fabio put him down 3 times (jay put him down 5 times). Jay also finished the fight with his eyes very ugly.

That's it. This is my vision about the fight.

Congrats to these guys and mainly to Jay Hieron, the winner.

Both guys were pretty ugly coming out of that fight...thinking back, they were ugly going into it to! :o) I didn't get the chance to meet Fabio...I believe we were standing right in front of each other, but I was in my zone or just dazed and confused like usual! Thanks again to everyone, especially Stephane Vignault for training with me and making the trip to MASS, I'd like also to that all the other guys at Tristar and Renzo's for everything a dn also Domination fightwear....yl2, people loved the gear down there!

Thanks Bro!!!

hahahahaha... you're right, they were ugly since before the fight... hahahahaha...

would I lie??? :o)