Hollett vs. Lofton

 Being that someone brought this up on the Kajan v. Russell fight...I definitely want to put this fight out there for opinions. 

Hollett  - I like the "old" Hollett...fierce, competitive and an up and comer.  Last two times I saw him fight, he seemed a bit "uninspired" to be in there...not the same guy.

Lofton - Always been a heavy hitter, exciting fighter and is hungry to climb the ladder again.  Only downfalls i see is cardio...has a habit of gassing but I'm confident in this kid working on it. 

I'm taking Lofton by decision.


decision? That fight is definitely not going to decision. (There's been 1 decision in their 21 combined fights)

Hollet by sub 2nd rd. 

On top maybe, Roger on bottom hasn't really had much success.

I would be shocked if hollet doesn't win this.

MasterDebater - I would be shocked if hollet doesn't win this.

 Hey MasterDebater!!  I was meaning to call you last night...but I figured you had the kiddies out trick or treating...today though we should touch base...miss ya buddy.

I'm still taking Lofton...heavy hitter...Hollett just doesn't look inspired anymore.  But I can't tell the guy that taught me "big boy jiu-jitsu" how things are going down!!  LOL