Holly Asks Beyoncé What Her Name Is

If you are ever blessed with the opportunity to meet Queen Beyoncé, here's what not to do. UFC champ Holly Holm just had that once-in-a-lifetime encounter, and like any normal human being would, she totally blew it.

Last week, Holly, who beat Ronda Rousey in that powerhouse fight and has since gained enough Facebook fans to reach the one-million-followers status, attended a VIP boxing match viewing party in Las Vegas. Beyoncé and Jay Z hosted. Everyone wore fancy clothes. Then Holly met the Carters.

"I meet Jay Z and he says, 'This is my wife,' and I'm like, 'Oh hi, what's your name?' because that's what you do when I meet someone's wife," Holly recounted to Albuquerque's KRQE. "And as I'm shaking her hand I'm thinking, 'Why did I just say that? Why did I just say that to Beyoncé?'"

Holly, I wish I could tell you why you reacted that way, but I've never met Queen Bey and who knows? My first few seconds of being in the presence of such magnificence could very well just be any of the following: fainting, bowing down (as you do), doing the "Single Ladies" dance.? I would've made the same face, though.

Jay did not come to his Queen's defense with a "Who are you?"—perhaps that's reserved for tourists in Paris only. According to Holly, he chatted about the actual fight and all she could focus on was apologizing to Beyoncé. Like a true Queen, Bey handled the situation graciously.

"I go back to Beyoncé and I'm like, 'I can't believe I just did that.' She goes, 'Oh no, it's fine.' I'm like, 'No, I really…it's such an honor to meet you,'" Holly says.

http://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/news/a32141/beyonce-holly-holm-celebrity-encounter-whats-your-name/ Phone Post 3.0

Kind of ironic seeing as Beyoncé used Rondas DNB sound grab at a recent concert

http://www.mmafighting.com/2015/9/6/9268537/beyonce-uses-ronda-rouseys-do-nothing-bitch-audio-during-concert Phone Post 3.0

Funnily enough Beyoncé also has a body designed to "fuck millionaires" (Jay Z) Phone Post 3.0

"perhaps that's reserved for tourists in Paris only". haha, tourists in Paris. Nice cover. Phone Post

Rabid Bunyip - Funnily enough Beyoncé also has a body designed to "fuck millionaires" (Jay Z) Phone Post 3.0
Lmao Phone Post 3.0

"Blessed with the chance to meet queen Beyoncé".

Smh Phone Post 3.0

What is this shit? Phone Post 3.0

Beyonce is literally perfect Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't know who either of them are if I met them in real life. They'd have to introduce themselves... Phone Post 3.0

Makes me like her even MOAR!! Hilarious and gracious, marry me holly holm

Fuck looking up celebs like they are queens or kings. Phone Post 3.0

Charizard - Beyonce is literally perfect Phone Post 3.0
Tru Phone Post 3.0

90% of the worlds population has no reason to know who beyonce is. Who cares?

There should be a Celebrityground that HH, RR, JBJ, McGregor, Seagal threads all get filtered through. Like what world do we live in that this matters? The anti-climatic 12 second conversation between 3 rich strangers..

Yeah the machine want Holly famous now Ronda but I suspect that is not Holly's MO. She is truly humble . Fact that HH headkicked Ronda off of her platform, should cause us to breathe a sigh of relief. ZUFFA and the media machine literally chewed Ronda up and spit her out. Must we let them do that to Holme as well? The fans didn't change Ronda into a actress, media darling, role-model, histronic person. $ and fame did. She let it get ahead of her. Hopefully like others before her, she can come back better than ever. Liked for herself, not hated for some fake aura that she likely had very little choice in.

Holly admitted in the sentence after, that she knows who beyonce is.. so why the f is faggotry being transcribed?

Hope this BS doesn't get into HH head the next few months. And for the record, I care nothing about "the carters". If they fell off the face of the earth tomorrow, I think the world would be a better place