Holly Holm Interested in Cupcake Rematch

I have zero interest in watching a Holly Holm sparring match ever again.

Boring sport-killers like Holly should be forced to fight other boring sport-killers exclusively. She should be kept away from fighters with any sort of intrigue or mainstream interest.

Sport Killer.

Holly Holm gained a lot of respect from me that fight.

She never tapped to that rnc, she battled till the end.

On the same card Conor tapped to Nate Diaz rnc

Miesha tate has the best rack in mma. I dont care if the paid for them. Glorious.

rematch would not go well for Tate. SHe is trying to get the glory feeling back. Probably not happy with her baby daddy and needs some new excitement in her life. Her upcoming fight will give us a very good sense of where she is really at from a competitive pov

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holly would win

Holly wins on the feet easily and her wrestling has improved a ton

The money and joy she brought me in the Ronda fight buys her a permanent pass from me.

Otherwise I agree.

Is Holly going to kick her in the tits again???