Holly Holm vs Irene Aldana..headlining Aug 1st

What a crap headlining fight. Rivals Eye/Calvillo for worst headlining fight ever.

Fight night card as a whole sucks but it has a couple interesting fights. Brunson vs Shahbazyan and Luque vs Brown. Either one of those should've headlined.

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Yikes.  Bet the parlays for a decision there.


Early bed time, at least. 

I may be in the minority here but I’m quite looking forward to that fight 

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No disrespect to HH as a person......but why the heck is she main-eventing a card?

hope she wears those short, shorts

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who cares at this point, im happy fights are still going as of now...because shit is really about to hit the fan. they may stop the Apex fights soon.

Love Holly, but what an awful main event. 

Irene gonna beat the fuck outta holly 

I'm happy there's been a lot of UFC.A lot of good/great fights from fighters I've never heard of before.pretty awesome

Not being a prick but I have less than zero interest in seeing Holly fight anyone at this point. I don’t like WMMA much to begin with, but why is she still fighting? She’s getting old and she’s fought for the title way more times than anyone deserves. They need to let her go or retire.

the air is gonna get the shit punched and kicked out of it

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BigEyedFish - 

the air is gonna get the shit punched and kicked out of it

Beat me to it. LOL