Holly Holm vs. Julie Werner discussion

I love that Holly is in the UFC now.

However, people are getting ahead of themselves if they think she's going to give Ronda any trouble right off the bat. Her team and the UFC will need to take things very slowly and give her a few fights before she gets anywhere near a title, why? She will get destroyed if the fight goes to the ground right now.

Anyway, this is her last fight against Julie Werner. Holly ends up with a finish but watch the fight and notice how hesitant she is to go to the ground every time Julie ends up on her back. She avoids it at all costs.

I have never seen a fighter avoid the ground like that pretty much ever, especially against an undersized opponent. You can tell she doesn't have the confidence yet.


I don't think we'll see Holly up for the title until mid to late next year if things go according to plan. It'd be in the best interests of her team and the UFC to bring her up slowly, build a following and then if she's successful pit her up against Ronda.

If she can get her ground game together, the fight is going to be fucking phenominal. For now I want to Zingano up next and then Cyborg at some point.