Holly Madison returns for UFC 125

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                                Holly Madison returns for UFC 125

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UFC 125 will mark the debut of the newest Octagon Girl, former WEC favorite Brittney Palmer, and it will also see the return of "The Girls Next Door" star Holly Madison for the first time since UFC 100, as she kicks off this weekend’s Pay-Per-View broadcast.

Holly Madison

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More excited about Palmer making her UFC debut :-)


Brittney NOM NOM NOM

 Brittney and this tall one are the best EVA

remove the facepaint and she's a 7.5 at best...met her once

kinda wonky, really Phone Post


who cares

So fine Phone Post

Brittney two thumbs way up
Holly two thumbs way the fuck down - fake

she is to perfect

They are doing everything they can to get people to buy 125. Its cool to see holly being a ring girl again.

Cant wait for Palmer though

I dunno, never really thought she was all that hot, the other two were better

elbows are too PERFECT

lemme marry

 looks like a win to me.

More Holly means less Brittney wtf up with that.Two thumbs down.

Some thoughts:

I for one would love to see the new, improved +20lb Rachelle Leah's ass shoehorned into the ring girl shorts. But Brittany Palmer = yes please. I love her. BRITTANY YOU WILL BE MINE.

Holly Madison again, though? Does she have incriminating photos of BLAF? Is she fucking someone high up in the UFC? Do the UFC people really think they can't get a hotter blonde with huge fake knockers than Holly Madison?

Bring back the tall chick as well. Now that we've all seen Arianny naked I don't really feel a need to keep her around any more.

Darth BLAF - 
Chris723 - Holly Madison? Oh you mean the chick who boned a 90 yr old man over and over again for money. What a winner.

That never happened. Maybe with some other fossil but at least not with Hefner.

He's never banged any of them. He hasn't done women for years.

It's all a facade for the rubes.

He's a raging queen and has been for decades.

It's cute how he finally did admit at one point that he's fucked guys. He "experimented". Lmfao.

Once he finally dies, and all of the employees and sycophants and hanger-ons and doucebag celebrities he pimps the Playmates to don't have to lie for him any more, it will all come out that he's been as gay as Liberace for most of his life.
Didn't you hear the news? He's getting married (again) to a 24-year old. Gay guys never get married, dude. Get a clue!!

arianny is way, way hotter than the rest. this new brittany is pretty but her body/legs aren't on the same level.

who is the chick from a few months back that won a competition? her arse was too much for the tiny shorts. now that, i liked a lot.

Stoked about Brittney coming to the UFC. Not interested in Holly or Chandella AT ALL! Phone Post

who is the girl i'm referring to? there was a great gif of her wiggling her arse that i'd like to see again.