Holm is strong as f


Didn't realize that. A slow controlled, non kipping muscle up is hard to do Phone Post 3.0

My cod... I can't even do that Phone Post 3.0

@ Phone Post 3.0

Prime bj struggling to do 3 with a slight cheat at the start

https://youtu.be/UxNavbNtnk4 Phone Post 3.0

Because she picked up Honda? And Honda is fat?


Working on some slow controlled strength today @teamturningpoint #muscleup #ouchy

A video posted by Holly Holm (@_hollyholm) on

My AC joint just popped watching that….

Yes she is


I had no idea. That's impressive.

i got banned - Because she picked up Honda? And Honda is fat?
Did u watch the video Phone Post 3.0


Holly is the gsp of the woman division Phone Post 3.0

You could tell she was strong just from the weigh in Phone Post 3.0

WOW!  Impressive.

She has an amazing body.

mada - Yeah her physical conditioning, both cardio and strength, was vastly better than Ronda's for this fight. I think it gets back to the whole someone that stays in shape year round vs someone who uses their camp as a crash diet to make weight situation. You see with men as well. I don't care who you are and how gifted you are, you will perform much better if you stay in shape year round and don't have wild swings in your diet and exercise routines. Full credit to Holly as she is a physical specimen.

This is an excellent point. I'm sure this is a strong contributing factor as to why someone like GSP consistently dominating his division for a long period of time, while your Johnny Hendricks and to a lesser extent BJ Penn perform inconsistently. Note, however, that BJ Penn during his LW title reign was consistently in good shape, training with real S&C coaches and looked better than he had in his life.

Ronda, like Gina Carano before her, has been seen to bloat up significantly between fights. Consistent greatness requires consistent practice, consistent discipline, consistent routine.

She is insanely athletic.

she has an insane great ass.