Holster for a P365 SAS

Ok Og - let’s hear it. What holsters do you like for this pistol?

It’s basic, but I like my carbon fiber CYA Supply holster for it.

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I will say that companies like Dark Star, Phlster, Henry’s holsters, Tenicor, LAS Concealment, Tenicor etc are the most respected names in the industry for a reason.

I personally can highly reccomend the Dark Star hitch hiker for the 365 series. With out argument one of the best options.


The phlster Pro is also one of the best holsters on the market as well and available for the 365 series. Cant go wrong there either, and they are an amazing company pushing the leading edge of the industry and well worth supporting.

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The flint compact from Henry’s holsters with DCC clips is yet another excellent option.

Awesome thanks.