Holy Backyard MMA

Holy Backyard MMA

Seen tons of these, but I had to share this one.


Carpet padding and they TOOK THE TIME to duct tape the seams! Safety first.

Man I'm glad I'm not young anymore. I'd hate to see the world where every stupid thing I did in my youth could be replayed over and over on youtube.

2cash2quit - closer to MMA than 99.9% of all non-green namers here.

10er's gonna 10

So which guy are you in the vid? Just kidding man. Really not hating on the kids. Actually, kids are gonna be kids. Especially backwoods kids. The duct tape carpet pad just gave me a chuckle.

tf did he tap to? couldn't breathe on the "mat"

Backyard MMA? More like backyard no-gi grappling (and I use the term loosely) with 4 oz gloves...