Holy cow did rumina sato just win by KO?

who woulda thunk'd it.

Where is it on?

They found someone who's a big enough tomato can for Sato to beat is more surprising to me.

He fought Cory Grant, a VERY good ex wrestler from UofM.

What happened to Joe Warren?



great to see him still being able to pull a win after all these years.


Sato/Uno III! ;p

Nice knee and that was no can.


What were the rules there? That actually looked like a real fight again...

Cory Grant is far from being a can.

MJMarko - Cory Grant is far from being a can.

This. Even from watching this one video of him losing you could see he can scrap.

 Knees to the head on the ground are the truth.

 Corey is tough and took the fight on a few days notice.