"UFC hopes to sign a new opponent for Evans within the week and will be adding two more matches to the card, to make it a 13-fight card. James Irvin, who defeated Houston Alexander, is one of the people who has been contacted to face Evans."


They better put another very high profile bout on that card.

 War Irvin!!!


 Let's just say Sandman won't be selling any PPV's so, it'd be in the UFC's best interest to put this one on Spike, IMO.

 Doesn't seem very dangerous for Rashad. Even Bonnar easily outwrestled Irvin, as did Martin who was outwrestled at 185 by Leben.


I swear to all that I hold dear. If the headlining fight is James Irvin v. Rashad Evans ON PPV, I'll flat out refuse.

I've paid for all but 3 events since UFC 52. If I didn't, I always made sure I at least saw them live. If Irvin is headlining against Evans and it isn't free, I won't bother watching at all.

why not T. Silva/Evans?

I guess we'll get to see how much Irvin's wresting has improved since the Martin fight.

Irvin is a poor quality replacement.

White said that he's putting more fights on the card. I really don't think that's the answer. A high profile and competitive main event is what is needed.

I'm glad Rashad is still on the card but he'll beat Irvin with relative ease.

 The guy that got the fastest KO in UFC history via superman punch VS The undefeated winner of TUF Sugar Rashad Evans. That shit will sell.

 Thales Leites vs Anderson

 That's a pretty weak main event if true....hopefully the rest of the card will make up for it

It'll be on in the afternoon, and the Main event is Rashad VS. Irving? they better add another co-main event to make this watchable.

It may not be the main event anymore.

 I am not impressed.

It can't be the main event. If they don't add any top-tier fights, the main event would be Werdum v. Vera. It's still a crappy headliner, but it's worlds better than Evans / Irvin.

 You can say Terry Martin outwrestled Irvin, and I wouldn't disagree with you, but as I recall, Irvin KHTFO with a highlight reel flying knee.

Rashad can't face Irvin, that'll be worse than UFC 78.

Might as well hold him off for another event if thats the best opponent they can find. They could easily set up an awesome Lightweight main event if necessary.