Holy Crap Chonan is Good!

First of all, the guy stood in front of Anderson Silva for what, 20 minutes with his hands at his waist? What the funk? That's remarkable. And then he pulls off the absolute slickest submission I have ever seen. Unreal. That guy is a beast.

WHat's next for Chonan the Barbarian?

First he needs to redo my MDWT top 10 seeing as how he
ruined it

His sub defense looked amazing agaisnt Almeida. he then got better against Newton and beat him pretty handily. I thought Anderson would win this fight and I thought he was winning the stand-up pretty convincgly. however that means nothing because that sub was sick.
I thought they said Chonin was 171 for this fight. Was that correct.
He will kill if he fights guys his own weight.
I would like to see him against Hughes.

Sweetest submission I've seen in a long time.

very impressive. He's got a few losses early in his career but it's pretty clear he's a different fighter today. Very well rounded, I was quite impressed with how well he did on his feet against a great striker. And yes, that sub was the best I've seen as well. Can't wait to see him fight again.

Was he really 170?

Dont u think he was dominated though, standing?

Cyborg is too big for Chonan.Cyborg fights at light heavy.

I thought Chonan was doing alright in the standup. Those leg kicks looked like they were starting to take their toll. Anderson was winning the standup but it looked like the tide was changing. Anderson looked in pain when Chonan kicked the leg and Chonan got off a few combos including one ending with a highkick. Exciting fighter.

I dont think Anderson checked one friggin leg kick. I thought Anderson thought Chonnan kicks like a girl, or else why wouldnt he check any kicks? Its not like hes a bjj guy, where he could forget to check leg kicks. The guy is a MUay Thai guy.

he was losing the whole fight but that move was amazing

Congrats to Chonan on an impressive victory!

Anderson was winning the standup, on points, but I actually think Chonan was more effective. With his chin, Silva could never really hurt him, and his leg kicks slowed Silva down, most noticably toward the end of the fight, and helped set up that great submission.

Yeah, the leg kicks were definitely working.

FEAR THE PIHRA NANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I thought it was a fluke when he beat Sakurai too but damn!"

  • well i havent seen that fight but it did end on a cut right? I dont think he was picking Mach apart was he?

Now if Chonan will be able to keep this up...

I've been on the bandwagon since the outset. This really elevated him. Great showing, adapting to Silva after falling behind early, then finishing with a dramatic move that was the highlight of the night.


after rewatching chonan had some good g+p too

I'm not sure if it's as good as Rumina's flying armbar, but it rests comfortably at #2 of all time.

Sweetest sub of 2004! The quickness of it caught Anderson and lots of fan off guard after 17some minutes of a pretty much uneventful dull bout. What an ending!

I would like to see him against Bustamante.