Holy Crap, I just found out....

My physcis II teacher was asking us what kind of jobs we thought people could get if they majored in physics, and most poeple in the class said basicly just a teacher. He was asking us other similar questions because he had a meeting with the department and they were making a new brosure and he needed some feedback about some stuff. He then mentioned that his son got his degree in physics but now makes videogames.

Well, today in class, he mention alittle more about his son and what you can do with physics (and some programming knowledge). Turns out that his son helped make Rise of Nations. Not only that, he is 1 of the 4 founders of the company! Holy Crap!


Can you get me his autograph?

I once email the author of Space Quest and he emailed me back. The guy did actually exist, and strangly enough he wasnt from Andromeda, but from some place called Oregon.

oregan eh? i've heard of that place...didn't know it really existed though

wow i got a boner from reading this story

I'm a programmer for a video game company and use a decent amount of physics.

Hey spg, where do you live? I want to work on video games when I graduate, but I dont wanna move to Kaniuckistan or the Republic of Kalifornia. So I'm thinking the chances of me getting a job working on games are small. lol.

I live in Mass. There are a decent number of game companies in the area.

check out: