Holy crap Wands face!

 It wasn't a photoshop, he actually had some horrible plastic surgery done.....wtf.

 Did something with his brow and his nose.

What's the scoop?

I heard he had facial surgery and it caused him to cancel a Bisping fight but what the FUCK??

Wha happened??????

Nigga looks like something out of a David Lynch film.

Time for Wand to retire!

He know longer looks like a caveman

Wand lookin like that Lion Faced lady with all the bad Plastic surgery jobs

I noticed it in the corner, I was like the pics are real! Everyone's like what are you talking about, lol's to self.

 Facelift my ass.  His whole brow structure is different, and he has a completely different nose.

Wands gone thru a few face changes. He now looks closer to his original face

Brother Wisdom is correct.

From this:

To this:

 didn't see it on tv

we need a gif!

It was weird, man.



Who is that guy in Maia's corner???
WOW! It's Wandy wtf?

I miss the old wandy face :(

I must have missed it. Pics please.

Yeah he looks like an alien. Bad decision.

 For all the people saying Wand is now back to how he used to look before his career... bullshit.

As you can see, he's always had that simian look to his brow. The surgery made him look completely different.