Holy Crap!!!

Just got home from my friends house and was ready to talk some shit about Webber and this huge disgusting scoring difference only to see that it's now down to 7. There's still hope. :)

HOLY FRIGGIN CRAZY AWESOME SECOND QUARTER!!!!!! lol, would have liked to see the Kings start to pull away instead of give back the lead, but what can ya do?? :)

I just got back to turn on the game, has anyone played any defense? 88-85 with 3:15 left in the third is nuts. Gotta be some wicked field goal percentages

Kings played great defense in the 2nd quarter, but not since then unfortunately.

LOL!!!!! Brad Miller ties it up at 96-96 with a 3 as the buzzer goes off at the end of the third!!

Get Webber out of there and we can pull this one out!!!!! :)

I can't believe that sasquatch just nailed a three. This is a travesty!

lol, he's hit a few important 3's for the Kings this year. :)

Oh yeah, Webber sucks the fat horsecock.

God damn, it's a 3 point extravaganza! Every 3 pointer must go! And webber most certainly does suck grande horsecock

Webber is a travelin man

lol, definitely, and it's about time they started calling it on that sloppy, slow, no hops having, bitchass!!!!! God damn, if he doesn't come back 100% at the start of next year then I hope they can dump his ass before he fucks the team too bad.

how much trade value does webber still have after the injuries, shitty play and off the court shenanigans? Is he worth a shit to other teams any longer?

and this is a damn good game!!


Eh, shit never woulda been so close though if they had pulled that faggot ass lop Webber earlier. That cocksucker and his two missed hooks with less than a minute and a half to play is unnacceptable. As well as his sorry ass defense.



hmmmmm that's gonna be a nother kickass series with the wolves. nash and dirk each blew a last second shot, oops.

just because its the last position of the game doesn't mean you can't blow the whistle.

I agree dan, but it happens.

Songaila scores 8!


and webber has been smoking weed


HOLY FUCK!!!!! I didn't even realize Songaila chipped in that much, he only played 12 mins today which was pissing me off in the second half, couldn't figure out why they were letting Webber stay in. 8 pts 2 rebounds and 1 assist in 12 minutes, way to go Darius!! :)