Holy F@$%ing forearm break at CWFC 74

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                                 Holy F@$%ing forearm break at CWFC 74

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                    <p>At Cage Warriors 74, on 15 November 2014, at the Copper Box Arena in London&rsquo;s Olympic village, two Ulsterman crossed the Irish sea to fight in Europe&rsquo;s leading MMA promotion. Onlookers were at first mystified as to why tough featherweight Steve McCombe verbally submitted to Nathaniel Wood.</p>

A replay revealed the gruesome cause - Wood’s tibia proved to be stronger than McCombe’s radius and ulna combined, an unfortunate fact of fighting.

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship

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oh fuuuuuuu..................

Guy looks like Mikey Burnett.

There where some amazing finishes on that card. A guy who has defeated McGregor ko'd someone with a knee from HELL too

http://youtu.be/quETTEymLB4 Phone Post 3.0

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Yeah pretty sure I don't wanna watch that