holy fark sometimes canada beautiful...

if only they had better gun laws...

Where Dat? Kelowna?


But they have...... GSP Phone Post 3.0

yes robo. home of rory.

Killer pics! Phone Post 3.0

It's changed a lot. The last time I was there, the only tough ones were the rednecks and hockey players. Metro tuff-guys like Rory didn't exist.

When I watched the first BJ/GSP fight in Snowshoe Sam's at Big White, there were a bunch of Canucks who thought they were all some kind of mma fighter. Kinda funny at the time, but who knows...maybe Rory was there?

lol i guess will watch the fight tomorrow there if they have it. hope they have it somewhere else though...

Tomorrow is watchable.

im a little skeptical. 

Of that I have no doubt.

Half the cast of How I Met Your Mother are Canucks. Thank you Canada! Phone Post 3.0

it's funny what canadians consider ghetto, to what we know is.