holy fark this looks FUN: skate LONGboarding!

any hger doing this? fugggin looks like snowboarding.

i wonder where might be good to do this stuff? old sattle road? haleakala? jeebus!

holy carp they did haleakala and mauna kea!

Go knocking on Death's door and he will answer Phone Post

That's how theybrake and take a hairpin turn.....powerslide :o

That's some skill!

i think i've found my new venture

Until you end up doing a 70mph cartwheel on the pavement. Phone Post

i'm hoping for more of a power slide at 75mph

This is snowboarding!


thanks in advance Blue!

you fall you end up in the hospital, ive had a bunch of friends almost die doing this sheeit. free boarding is hard as hell but is for sure the closest thing to snowboarding.


How much would it cost for guys to order monster in Japan? So guys I used to train with are apparently getting hooked on it from people giving them cans from the base: Phone Post

i still haven't seen a video of how they stop!