Holy Fever from nowhere!!

1 min. I'm ok, next my nose is dripping like a broken faucet and my throat is swollen shut.

I post this as I fight the mind altering effects of the wonderful elixer simply known as nyquil.


I coughed and sneezed on all the Throwdown stuff as I walked out of your shop thats located on Beritania street across Cadilac.

Take that!

 Yeah but our cameras still show that you came in with a dude.

lol jimmy has coodies and a boyfriend

Sorry for the swollen throat and white goo coming out your nose Jimmy.

But it was your idea to play "Don't give any warning".

I told u to avoid teh kissing on the lips. rip

by morning he'll have grown in 2 gold teeth, be late on his utilities and driving a mitsubishi...