Holy **** @ Jean-Claude Van Damme


Swole and in fucking control.

Who is she?

Good for him. His last movie JCVD was the shit

 Ah... so he's back on the Stallone "treatment".............. might not be the best move after a heart attack, but ... he's nuts so best to him.


Good to see him still looking good.

 TRT and HRT is not just for MMA fighters...

 Id say hrt for sure. he looked a lot smaller in the documentary before his fight but lets hope he's natural as he talked about making upto his fans for his drug use etc. It looks like Royce Gracies head on Marquardts body.

that's gsp in 20 years.

NickTheBrick - that's gsp in 20 years.

Fuckin right eh. Phone Post

Looks like he could be GSP's dad.

 did he ever fight that kick boxing bout for charity?  (the one where he broke down saying how he let a lot of people down for not being a good role model?)

They've been talking about him fighting Somluck Khamsing in a kickboxing match forever, but the event is constantly postponed. I doubt it will ever happen.

There's no reason he can't be natural based on that picture. His arm is big but it appears to be mid-workout (pump), and the rest of him doesn't look inflated at all. As mentioned, he has good genes and he works hard.

the JCVD vs. Seagal superfight is more relevant than ever

his bicep looks wider than his body.

dont matter once he gets a taste of Somraks' elbows, he'll shrink

I dont understand all the love. All I have ever heard about him is that he is a primadonna self righteous bastard that got his ass kicked after picking a fight with his former bodygaurd.

Chuck Zito would kick most dude's asses w/ a sucker punch. Yours too.

 Looks like me! ;-)