HOLY MOLY!!! (McDojo from Hell)

Almost shit in my pants when I came across this. We had a black belt walk in to our gym with about 15 silver stripes on his belt asking for technical manuals for BJJ. I told him we only have Gracie mag and Grapppling. He dropped his card and listed off his accomplishments (consisting of 8 different black belts of certain degrees including 4 animal styles)and this website. I can't believe this shit.


I've seen worse.. Did he say he could beat you up with a blindfold on though?

And I note his use of "loose" as opoosed to 'lose'. That's a points loss right there.


You must be ready to soar above the sparrows and become a Tushka-homma Warrior. The programs are listed below and they include the Teaching Certificate when you place your order.

7th degree (Warrior) Diploma and school franchise is available $28,000.

5th degree Diploma with school consideration is $15,000.

3rd degree Diploma with club membership is $6,000.

1st degree Diploma for individual membership is $2,800.

All program includes DVD or VHS tapes, manuals, black belt and certification and some personal instruction. To order by U.S. Postal money order cashier check to Adrian Roman 3434 Briaroaks Drive, Garland, TX 75044 or call to process your order by Master Card or Visa or e-mail your card information. Call Hashtali Roman at 972-496-1900 for franchise information or teaching Tushka-homma in your school or e-mail adrianroman@verizon.net

Adrian Roman is literally out of his mind.

You're supposed to order the program review it and then video yourself drilling the techniques and then send the tapes back for approval. Wait 2 weeks and you've got a diploma and a belt in the mail. That's it I'm quitting BJJ. Gonna tell Mike Fowler to leave Guam. I'll save up and get the 7th degree program.

Check out the weapons for sale page!!!
I do feel lucky!

Nobody better get that $85.00 Bamboo blow gun with 3 darts. That shit is all mine.

His daughter is kinda cute.

where the fuck is this daughter i need some jacking material





This guys a fucking genius...I can't even count the number of Indian wannabes I've met...and now for a fee they can finally be one. I say rock on to the money makin chief.

hahahahaha awesome

"Nobody better get that $85.00 Bamboo blow gun with 3 darts. That shit is all mine."


Well at least one of his belts is from moneywhore Marty Cale who runs at least one pay to play black belt factory / hall of fame.

That is unbelievable...oh and a traditional native american blow gun made of BAMBOO...he needs to take all that bullshit back to the flea market where he got it.

Is this a fighting system he developed to help his people get their land back from the white man?

He only takes challenge matches at Soaring Eagle Casino

i think the saddest part is that a lot of these guys believe their own BS

So many great photos, so little time...



"Chief" with Master Ed Parker





WTF was this guy doing on Guam? Did he get lost while he was in his canoe?