Holy S**t!

This fight sounds hardcore. (taken from Sherdog)

"Unbreakable" Kevin Randleman, coming off a H-U-G-E upset knockout win over Mirko Filipovic, was set to fight PRIDE heavyweight champ Fedor Emelianenko in the last match of the tournament. If you want to talk about storylines, folks, this one was probably the biggest match up of the night, and definitely the most emotional.

Randleman was crushed by the recent loss of his father, and on top of that, he had to fight on Father's Day. Somehow, he admirably worked through the entire emotional trauma and found a way to train for this fight. Before the fight, Randleman gave a heart warming speech about his father that would make even ice cold Fedor shed a single tear.

Randleman marched to the ring like a true Samurai, sporting the gi top of the Shinsengumi, a feared Samurai troop comprised of the shogun's best warriors. The match itself was incredibly intense, from start to finish.

The American wrestler came out like a man possessed, chasing Fedor into the corner with a left hook into a takedown. After body slamming Fedor to the mat, Kevin attempted to move to mount. Fedor spun, momentarily giving Kevin his back, and one single moment was all that Kevin needed. In one motion, Randleman picked Fedor up high in the air, and suplexed him over his head, with Fedor landing directly on the back of his neck.

For a minute, it looked as though Randleman had broken Fedor's neck. This was not the case, as Fedor has proved time and time again that he is absolutely inhuman. Fedor managed to reverse the dangerous North-South position that he found himself in, landing in side control. He then repeatedly punched Randleman in the face, before locking in a nasty Kimura that forced Kevin to tapout 1:33 in round one.

Kevin didn't lose anything from this bout, as he was about as impressive as one can be for just over a minute's worth of action. Fedor is really lucky that he didn't get his neck broken. Hopefully, Randleman can get his life together after this tragedy in his family. The hearts of everyone here at Sherdog.com go out to Kevin and his entire family.

That was the most dangerous slam I have ever seen.

Fedor does not look like a tear shedder to me.

...He looks more like a Natural Born Killer. Yikes!

it was a hell of a fight for the minute and a half.

I've been watching NHB events for a decade, and that was by FAR the worst looking slam I've ever seen.

I thought the Jackson/Arona slam earlier in the night was bad, but Randleman's slam made it look like he gently set him down.


Well, I tried to embed the gif, but i screwed up somehow.

Classy Write Up by Jeff Sherdog and the boys!

I could watch that gif ALLLLLLLLL DAY. Oh the beauty of it.

We don't have wrestling in school like you guys do, that shit impresses the hell out of me. I showed the clip to a FS wrestling buddy, and he was like DAMN too.

Actually, I watched some American wrestling trials on TV last night. I find it absolutely riveting....