Holy Shi*!!! Bas vs Kevin at...

Is this recent or what!? And why is it I've never seen or heard anyone about this interview! Looks genuine to me. Kevin looks pretty pissed at Bas's comments and they seem to really be going at it torwards the end.


Does anyone know what show this is from, or any more details on what happened?

TTT someone has got to have some info on this. Both guys looked really pissed!

Thanks for the input guys. It looked pretty genuine though, guess bas can act after all. On another note I found this on some site of ernesto on some japanese game show, thought it was pretty funny.


LOL, that was hilarious! It fades out and you hear Bas still yelling "Don't touch me!!!"

I forgot about that...... classic.



Bas is the fucking man.


The ending looked fake


Bas teaching the bar self defense is GOLD!

Bas is just too good looking to do MMA. lol he is the fucking man good to see someone with a sense of humor