Holy Shit, Chopper captures police chase in NYC

Chopper 4 Captures Dramatic Chase as Suspect Leads Feds Across Verrazano Bridge

Updated 3 hours ago
A man wanted on a federal warrant for failing to appear for sentencing in an aggravated assault case set off a wild chase that started in New Jersey and ended on the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano Bridge when he tried to flee the U.S. Marshals searching for him, authorities say.
Chopper 4 exclusively captured the dramatic sequence of events Tuesday.

It started when a U.S. Marshals task force working with the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office went to a home in Old Bridge, New Jersey to act on a lead they'd gotten on 41-year-old Anthony Mazza, the U.S. Marshals' Regional New York/New Jersey Task Force said.
The officers were staking out the home when the suspect's vehicle appeared, with Mazza in the front passenger seat, according to authorities. A woman was driving the car, and another man was in the backseat.

Mazza apparently noticed the Marshals, and the car took off, authorities said. The task force officers attempted to pull over the vehicle in a traffic stop, and as they got close, Mazza allegedly pushed the woman out of the car and onto the road.
Mazza took off in the vehicle, and U.S. Marshals gave pursuit. He was believed to be dangerous, sources said.

The woman was found to be OK.
As the car approached the Garden State Parkway, the U.S. Marshals reached out to New Jersey State Police, who took over the pursuit, according to the Marshals. As Mazza went onto the Outerbridge Crossing into Staten Island, Port Authority police were then notified, and they tried to set up roadblocks on the New York side.

Mazza managed to avoid the roadblocks and continued onto the Verrazano Bridge and into Brooklyn, at which point the NYPD and MTA police got involved, according to authorities.
Police radio transmissions obtained by NBC 4 New York reveal officers communicating urgently to have the bridge closed.

"Could you have the highway shut down please? And notify TBTA to shut the bridge," one dispatch stated.

TBTA is short for Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, the legal name for the MTA.


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