Holy Shit... CIA intersectional recruitment ad


I’m a slightly left leaning moderate…yet, Voted Trump twice.

The amount of rage at this video is quite perplexing.

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The fact she listed like 8 “check the box” identify attributes including her having to say cisgender makes me want to throw up.

The left is creating a really weird alternate world for us and it’s pathetic.


You could say the same for white skinned people as well

Sigh. Read man. I said I find it odd not annoying and I did not waste my time watching a video like that. I just quoted and replied to what someone else said here.

To get out in front of this diversity bullshit they’re pushing.

Didn’t watch video but would you pronounce your name with an Arabic accent if speaking Arabic?

Why do you expect them to say their Mexican name with a American accent?

Big brother going woke?

You kidding?

They are a driving force. Hell, every intel agency is already embedded so far up the ass of the tech cartels, every major media foreign policy desk, and wallstreet banks…hell its hard to tell where the delineation is.


I am not sure what race you are, but even a smart and well meaning guy such as yourself is going to get screwed over for politics over ability and merit.

You may still do alright but dont you want to compete on a fair playing field?

Do you look around at the vast majority of CEOs, political leaders, media leaders, etc. and think that ‘the white man’ is really hurting that bad? It’s funny, because I think the pursuit of a fair playing field is the exact reason all these groups push affirmative action type practices; the playing field hasn’t been fair in the past, and probably continues to at least a degree today. It’s not really a question on if there was discrimination in the recent past, only the right way to push more equity / fairness now and in the future. I think some people think it should all just be 1000% equal and a meritocracy today and it’ll work out, but others think there are long entrenched anti-‘other’ cultures which would keep the status quo without forced change. I don’t know, but tend to think there needs to be intention to create change, “an object at rest stays at rest…” and all that.

I’m a white man from coal country Appalachia. I now work for one of the more ‘woke’ companies out there and I’m doing just fine. I legitimately think most white men who are worried about being pushed out by efforts to even the playing field just can’t cut it.

Ex. there was a guy on here a couple of days ago saying he was a train engineer and that they didn’t allow women to become engineers because they couldn’t hack it; he said women who applied were jokes and would be assigned admin or teaching roles. Let’s think through that. it may or may not be true, but for simplicity, let’s agree that the top 50% of all traing engineers are men. What about the bottom 50%? I know multiple train engineers who are drunks, functional-idiots, have fallen asleep on the job, etc. You think there aren’t women that could outperform this lowest tier of current engineers? The industry/existing framework doesn’t welcome women, so most don’t apply and the ones that do likely aren’t the best-of-the-best, as they wouldn’t want to deal with that BS. Being more welcoming / accommodating would invite more women to be engineers and more than likely increase the overall engineer performance by replacing the lowest performing of the current group. This group is predominately male and white, so changing the space to welcome in women / minorities would ‘hurt’ my chances as Joe White-Guy compared to the current playing field, but would be the right thing to do from both a liberal SJW AND a meritocracy based business productivity standpoint.

I’m sure there are anecdotes on the fringes of the ‘equality and fairness’ movement where some white dude like me/most of us that do deserve an opportunity over a minority hire were marginalized, but I’ve not seen it in my personal experience, nor in any data.

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“This organization is heavily steeped in secrecy. Our top officers handle matters that affect literally entire countries and they are in a constant state of risk of being exposed by our enemies, which may lead to dire consequences. Now, with that being said, we’re doing a commercial and we want you to be the face of this organization.”

Her: “I am not a checklist” Proceeds to ramble of a list of what she is/claims to be like reading from a check list

The Sane World: You sure about that?

Gamers: “Press X for doubt”

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That’s not an accent, that’s the lack of accent when speaking Spanish words.

Can you imagine being angry that people pronounce words from their native language with the proper accent? Ridiculous

I believe that I am more than qualified to speak on the subject of Engineering.

There are some very smart female engineers out there. However engineering doesn’t just consist of an engineering degree and hours spent in a cubicle. That is the easiast part.

The toughest part is in the construction, commissioning, and making the design work in the field. This could involve spending hours, days, and weeks in dangerous and hazardous environments. It’s the riskiest part of the job.
My experience is that many female engineers (not all) will not travel and work in these conditions. So why should the female engineers unwilling to do this part of the job, make more than thier male counterparts?

The push for forced equality comes with its own set of disparities in risk to reward. I suppose the smarter ones just need to figure out how to adapt. My bets are on stagflation.

Communists are publicly giving America the middle finger showing that they have infiltrated the CIA and gotten away with it.


Sure, I’m for ‘equity.’ Everyone gets the same opportunity. If someone won’t / can’t do part of the job, then I’m not calling for them to get paid more than male counterparts; I don’t know of anyone serious saying women should get paid more.

I don’t know anyone saying that women should be paid more either but I am seeing it play out in corporate America.

The most knowledgable and/or most physically capable to do the dirty work are not the ones who are rising up through the ranks and gettung paid the most. The c-level executive roles are being filled by the most politically savvy. Usually that is women since they are unwilling to do anything other than the most high paying executive job.
They don’t need to do much but dress pretty and present nice powerpoints which they had thier assistants make for them.

It’s crazy to imagine that an organization like the CIA would want employees, including agents and operative, that don’t look like they came out of G-man central casting.


Do you have any data showing that? I’d be interested to read it. I work in a Fortune 10 company, and work closely with the C-Suite of a dozen other Fortune 500s, and the execs are overwhelmingly male and white. The women I do work with are also incredibly capable and run circles around most people (myself included on many days). At the ‘C’ level, I’ve yet to run into any women that didn’t seem to deserve to be there. I looked at CEOs only, but 9-of-the-top-100 are female, so your anecdote doesn’t seem to play out.