Holy shit, Heart damage via vaxx, read the comments on this video WOW WE FUCKED - Myocarditis 133x the background rate

Exactly this. The only people still talking about vaccines are anti vaxxers. People who’s life got new meaning when the vaccines were released so they could have something to rally against.

Most people have moved on with life.

People who got the vax with no long term studies thats a new technology shouldnt rest easy until 5-10 have passed and nothing has happened. You took a chance with your health. However, to play devils advocate, if you were at risk of dying of covid due to co-morbidities, perhaps it was a good idea to take a chance on the experimental vaccine but if you are completely healthy otherwise and still got it, you failed the dunce test.


Covid is over dude. Stop coping. Doesn’t mean corruption won’t continue to use it as a racket.

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Ya chinas problem is their zero covid policy. Which worked for them in the early stages in terms of controlling the spread, but not in terms of treating ppl like human. Now with omichron, thats not going to work and actually will work against them as if they just let nature take its course and the virus to run its course, theyd be approaching herd immunity like the rest of the world is doing right now.

This is my vaccine.

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You realize biden still has us under a national emergency for covid, right?

Except our president.

Youre welcome.

Everybody who knew the vaccine mandates were wrong but submitted to them anyway is a sniveling coward.

Even Fauci just said that Covid is over. Today.

Stop coping.

They do, if you do more than read the general synopsis. Try reading the whole thing and looking at all the data they present.

There are still plenty of vaccine mandates in effect all around the world.

Aside from that, there is still a strong push to vaccinate younger children and to indefinitely re-vaccinate the entire population. Why are people being given a 4th dose without adequate supporting evidence of safety or efficacy for that dose? Why is a 5th dose already in the works? This train is just getting started and there are a lot of unresolved issues

Fauci said the core pandemic phase is over. He followed that up by saying people will have to be intermittently vaccinated in perpetuity






I guess there are no certain key words in the title that notify Snowybot to the rescue of the clot shot.


No evidence the “vaccine” killed the boy. - Snowy

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