Holy Shit I've Gotten Fat -- Help! Fastest Diet w/Out Losing Muscle?


i just saw a work photo of myself. jeeesus christ!!!

i never weigh myself, but i just stepped on the scale and i’m 225. at 5’10" and i promise you it isn’t “good” weight

what’s the fastest way to shed 25lbs while still maintaining muscle mass? carnivore diet? live on apples, protein powder, and energy drinks for two months? snake diet + clenbuterol?

give me the deets!

Find your basal metabolic rate for caloric intake. Eat 90-100% of that amount making sure that 35-40% of those calories come from protein. Do a thirty min fasted walk in the mornings.

That’s it.


Warrior diet

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Seeing an old photo is what made me lose weight this last time. I saw a picture of me in a tighter thermal and I looked so much more lean and defined. Ive lost like 25-30 lbs since then. I lost 90 lbs In my mid 20s so 30 was a cake walk.




Or just give me your age along with what you e provided already and I can give you an exact breakdown

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Subbing because I always sub to these weight loss threads but I never lose weight. I do 3 a days on exercise but eat like shit. I have no self control. Today I will lift, do one our of kickboxing, one hour of BJJ. I will not lose anything because I eat like shit. OG’ers give me shit for this and I deserve it. I gained so much weight over COVID that I only have one of my 10 gi’s that still fits, barely, and the way I tie my belt is comical because the tag ends are like 6 inches on each side. FML.


Prolonged fasting works like a champ and if you have the body fat you claim to you will not lose muscle. Our bodies are designed to store fat for energy for prolonged periods wirhout food. I have a fasting prep and duration plan I can send you. I’m on day 4 right now. Did 13 days earlier this year.


PSMF x 10-20 days, eat at maintenance x 10-30 days.
Rinse & repeat.

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I always lose weight when I cut out most beer, sugar, wheat, oils, fatty pork etc… and eat -500 cals a day below my TDEE cals plus I lift and do cardio six days a week. Most of my calories come from beans, chicken, cabbage, sweet potatoes, greens, oatmeal, apples and 90/10 ground beef when that happens.

I always gain weight when I eat cheat foods whenever I want five to seven days a week, sit on my ass and skip workouts and drink too much beer.

Its all calories in and calories out and not letting yourself eat cheat foods more than one meal a week.


Fasting. Nothing but water, salt, broth. Coffee + tea are ok. You’ll lose 4-5 lbs per week easy.

First 2-3 days are hard, it’s quite easy thereafter. You can start exercising on day 4.

Nothing works better. Safe.


Snake Diet. Rolling 48 hour fasts. So supper every other day only. Keep the refeeds Keto and not insane. Like don’t eat 4 double cheese burgers. You will melt 25 off in 4-6 weeks.

I did 2 48’s and a 72 each week last year and lost 40 in 3 months (and I ate like an asshole on the refeeds. I ate supper on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and Breakfast and Supper (I like to eat sundays with my daughter) on Sundays.

That’s it. Water and electrolytes (Snake Juice or other 0 cal electro blend) only the rest of the time.

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Fastest most effective way is whole plants only, nothing added, nothing taken away, no added salt sugar or oil, one meal a day, with mild exposure to cold, & no exercise. ~1 pound of fat a day for 25 days. You will also lose 5-10 pounds of water weight the first week from the salt excise; I’m not counting that.

No exercise because body building & weight loss are opposing physical states that slow each other down significantly. Also, exercise drives appetite & reward psychology.

You won’t lose significant muscle mass in one month.

Keto/Atkins/Snake/Carnivore work only half as fast & won’t leave you prepared for the lifestyle change necessary to keep it off, & you will be in another half dozen threads like this in the future, just like the last half dozen you’ve done in the past.

Extended fasting works as fast but is wicked hard & will partially reverse itself when you go back to eating.

At the end, don’t go back to bullshit eating & you won’t be back here again asking the same questions a year later.


(Just doing the potato hack for two weeks will likely gross you 25 pounds in 14 days but 10 of them will be water.)

You can refer to my full retard weight loss thread to “watch” me do it in real time.

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Id be interested too

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All good points with some caveats.

  1. you need salt, especially if you do this for more than 2 weeks. I’ve treated many cases of hyponatremia following all water diets.

  2. fasting isn’t particularly difficult once you reach day 3. But it’s fine to add leafy greens

  3. low intensity exercise (long walks) will help this process


^There is sufficient salt in any selection of whole plants. I did not & do not recommend water fasting & already explicitly stated as much. Just IF/OMAD which is a very different thing.

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Depends on the plant, no? Lettuce has less than 25mg per serving, brocoli and spibach less than 100mg.

^Root disagreement is going to be regarding “serving”. Eating whole plants to satiety has nothing to do with what’s listed as a serving.

This is all basic Dr. Greger/Dr.Fuhrman stuff. Patients don’t get sick from it.