Holy Smokes Buffalo Bills

other than the new orleans saints, i think that the bills could be the team to watch this year

 i hate New England almost as much as the stains and ratbirds

but i 'm gonna call it right now with 3:47 in this game the patriots will win

 UGGGGHHH i hate being right!!!!


why didnt he just take the touchback...giving the patriots a chance

Why the dude stayed up fighting for 1 more yard when he could have downed it right there is mind bottling.


Fucking Buffalo. That is the exact reason this franchise is a goddamn muthafuckin joke.

You stupid fuckers. I saw the Pats were getting ready to gang tackle him and knew that was going to happen.

I hate 3 teams. Denver, Dallas, and NE. Thanks for a shitty ass first week!

 And as I post Brady does what he does. Great!

 man  it was so easy to see it happening

now the bills will get a good return  get a long field goal attempt and miss

And i said that the patriots are the luckiest team in the NFL! I swear they get all the biggest breaks to save thier ass.

 bills vs cowboys all over again

yes it is

okay maybe not a great return  but there is zero chance buffalo wins this game

sans lubricant -  not over yet

 True but it aint like Trent Edwards is Tom Brady or anything!

Fuck you Buffalo, fuck you!

they win it with a field goal

id like to see a 70yd field goal

NE lost their biggest asset. Scott Pioli. I hope they do well though.

that was cool!!!

ouchthathurts - they win it with a field goal
That punt returner should be fucking benched. Take the stupid fucking knee asshole!

And at least hold onto the ball douchebag! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!


GO PATS! need to work on polishing a few things, but great job!