Holy Spec viable for leveling?

is a holy spec viable for leveling a priest now? I am shadow right now at 27 and was just wondering. Thanks!

no and no.

fuck that gord seriously ask fei. shadow and probably want full spirit tap and wand talents with the most spirit gear you can get to level fast

Ive heard that disipline/holy isnt bad for soloing. smite can hit pretty hard. you dont level fast, but at the same time your viable for group healing. Not as good as pure holy, but its somewhere inbetween for both.

Im thinking of a drenai priest, going shadow, but keeping some +healing gear in my bag for those instance groups. THat with thier built in heal over time should help out a lot. Any thoughts on this?

if by viable you mean can it be done, the answer is yes.

but its a longer, harder route to the top and it gains you nothing in the long run, unless you get some kind of satisfaction from casting smite with a mob beating your face in.

mr seanster is right, whichever way you go you'll want spirit tap, but i would definitely advise to stick to shadow while you level for the sake of sanity.

ok. thanks for the info guys. i figured as much. i was just wondering.

and yeah spirit tap works very well so far. should i put any points in blackout before 40?

that's a good question gord, I put points in it and it doesn't proc a ton but it's pretty sweet when it does. probably is better for pvp, dunno.

levelling is all about pve grinding and blackout isnt a great pve grinding talent. no need to put points in it because if you are fighting mobs of the appropriate level they should be dead or nearly dead by the time they get to you anyway.

if i had to level from 1-70 again heres how i would spend my points:

1-5 - spirit tap

6-7 - imp shadow word: pain

8-10 - shadow focus

11 - mind flay

12-13 - imp. psychic scream

14-15 - either imp. mind blast or blackout, your choice

16-20 - shadow weaving

21-23 - focused mind

24-25 - shadow reach

26 - vampiric embrace

27-30 - darkness

31 - shadowform

32 - darkness

33 - silence

34-35 - shadow power

36-40 - misery

41-45 - unbreakable will

46-47 - martyrdom

48-50 - imp power word shield

51 - inner focus

52-54 - meditation

55 - vampiric embrace

56-58 - shadow power

59 - imp vampiric touch

60-61 - healing focus

thats just to level, i would respec at 70 depending on my goals for the character.

COOL! thanks fei. much appreciated!

you guys are assuming he'll be grinding mobs alone am I right?

Some people prefer to level in groups I'd imagine...

why would you level in groups? it takes longer

its true i grind mostly alone. group once in a while. i like just being a healbot. I find it annoying to have to kill with my priest I would rather heal mobs and have them give me their loot because they feel so much better. so i thought maybe holy might be a way to go if i want to heal more. but seeing how i am forced to kill and shadow spec is fine for healing at my level i will stay with it.

lol. sorry 2.0. i will buy you a coke if i ever meet you.

is a shadow priest viable as a 29 twink. I have all the blues from SFK (robes, belt, shoulders) and there is alot of stuff on the AH. I really enjoy this toon and am in no rush to level him up quick. Just not sure if a priest is good at 29 compared to other classes!

This new guild I joined is the tits. They have run me though a bunch of instances any time i need and have outfitted me with bags and pots. Nice folk.

what server gord? alliance or horde?

i have a 28 blood elf priest. soon to be 29.

Priests can heal any instance up to level 40-50 specced shadow.