Holy what the f.... Releases?

Charlotte is good, but drastically overrated due to who she is and how she’s booked. Bayley can be great in the ring, but her “role model” character was as annoying as it was heel (like “ugh, I don’t want to see this” heat - hot heel heat). Sasha can be great but is wishy-washy AF and only ever “shows up” if she wants to. Bianca is athletic AF, but it’s still very early in her career and her entire gimmick for too long was her hair. Rhea can be good, but isn’t always great in the ring and when she’s not being booked well, her lack of self-confidence comes through - she ends up not believable as the dominant badass she’s supposed to be.
I’ve barely watched her in NXT (her name & gimmick are fucking horrid and her debut was god-awful), so I don’t know if WWE will water down or alter her wrestling or not. But she can do well either mat-wrestling or with (albeit limited) lucha style. She can be a great storyteller and I’ve always found her matches engaging.
I would rather have her on my roster that almost any of the other women in WWE and personally, I think she’s gonna be totally wasted in NXT.
And Tessa is a complete pain in the ass.


Hmmm… I may have to watch a video of her. I knew she was in Impact, but knew nothing else other than her being married to Morrison.

I’m sure Braun will be back at some point when he needs money.

Taya had a smoking bod in LU. Then she got new boobs, and like many other women who have, decided she could get away with gaining a bunch of weight. I’ve found this to be pretty common.

Aleister Black to AEW

She’s in the mix, skillwise.