Holyground Belief roll call

Ok I just want to get a picture of what everybody's beliefs or non beliefs are... i know most of them..but just humor me..I'm not looking for any long drawn out statement as to why..just want to get a picture of the people I am conversing with. A simple...Buddhist,Muslim,Jew,Agnostic,athiest, Christian will do..if you want to include your sect,denmonination or sub group thats fine...I'll go first

Christian-Evengelical Friend...which has it's roots in Quakerism.

yours in Christ



devout athiest!


Machine, are you really devouted? You could at least spell it right. :-p





Jewish Renewalist

Militant apathetic agnostic.

I'll fight for the right to not care about whether or not there is enough information to believe in God.

Ok, really.... Christian - evangelical - charismatic moderate.

post evangelical christianarchist

the rev

agnostic i guess

Christian, Southern Baptist

Donna Troy,

I just want you to know that I spelled devout correctly. I sit here day after day and read your meaningless unresearched post, most of your replies are made from a misunderstanding of someone's original post. I sit here and say nothing because I am a nice guy, but I have come to the conclusion that you are a typical christian lead by blind faith toward some phoney god that you were told your whole life exists,so you except it as fact,and anyone who thinks otherwise is bad and wrong.

But now I will always be lurking in the shadows waiting for you to make a spelling errors ect..

Good bye-B.C.

Take it easy, man!

Spelling errors are almost a must in any internet forum, I was just making fun of you... And I myself have a wonderful excuse for my mistakes, since I´m Brazilian, and English is only a second language for me.


I can´t believe that someone here said that I am a "typical" Christian! :-)

Athiest, but I love everyone anyway.

struggling existentialist - with heavy leanings to intelligent design, and the ridiculous idea that we should all just be nice to each other


Agnostic... Skeptical...