HolyGround Debate Challenge

How about a Debate thread between lets say Prof and Rooster. Only thing is not like the on going seemingly unending debates that go on, on countless threads. this thread would have a moderator. perhaps Rastus if he's interested. Seeing that he could remain impartial. Rastus along with the two participants would come up with the topic or topics. They would also come up with debate format rules. Only those two and Rastus would post on the thread. With rastus deleting anybody who posted besides Prof and Rooster....What do you think?

yours in Christ


Nice, but do it only with serious folks. I had a bad eperience with this.

Dogbert, thats why I picked those three...also ad hominums would be a def. no no :-]{another eason I picked Prof and rooster, they don't seem to resort to that tactic...much}

yours in Christ


I think your choices are excellent and am sure things will be great. I was making a general point.

Bludhall... BE GONE FOUL SPIRIT!!!!

yours in Christ


I smell too much testosterone in here.

Hope nobody gets hurt.


I think that it's a cool idea...just as long as it doesnt get too long...

Here is a possible set up order to keep things orderly

1. rooster's opening

2. prof's rebutal

3. rooster's response

then move to...

1. prof's opening

2. rooster's rebutal

3. prof's response.

then have two members for each side analyze both the arguments by prof and rooster. if all of it can be done without a complete flood of posts from people not in the debate, it would be a good time reading both positions.

any other ideas?

my $.02

also a good idea would be to limit responses to say 150-200 words. to alleviate cut and paste and on going posts!!

and a nother good idea would be to enlist a Mod with the ability to delete posts to delete posts from non-debate members that get out of control. alowing for the occasional good point and wow type comments!!! but not allowing someone to try and participate in teh debate!

Shoot, I'm glad some of you like my posts, even if you don't agree. I'm humbly appreciative. Prof is an intellectual stud! I guess I should post why I get on here and debate. I view many of the posts as either questions directly to me or as questions posed in the position of a challenge. My faith states:

1Pe 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and [be] ready always to [give] an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

My basis for my faith is unapologetically the scriptures. I don't know that I can "beat" Prof, or convince anyone to believe something. I just want to offer my perspective on what I believe and why and to also try to disarm some of the misconceptions about Christians (bigotted, brainwashed, homophobes etc.).

So, I don't know that I'm the best representative for this "battle". I also prefer to discuss certain subjects as they are just more interesting to me. I get sidetracked by jumping on a thread and then have difficulty pulling out. I don't believe in evolution but I know that I could not personally convince Prof w/out spending years pursuing multiple degrees in the appropriate fields. Even then, I'm not sure. I prefer theological debates and inquiries as I'm starting hopefully on the same ground. Let's see if anyone else volunteers before I'm offered up as the proverbial lamb (no pun intended;-) to Prof.

No one really wins a debate unless one person gets their opinion or mind changed based on the other guy's argument. And Jedi if prof was arguing for the Christian side would you still think so highly of his debating skills?

Thanks Jedi, I appreciate your vote of confidence! Tell you what, why don't you take my place. You and prof can preach to the choir and that will make everything fun and peachy right?

I'll be the moderator. Here's how I propose it works:

1. Agreement for participation between the Rooster and prof.

2. Agreement for rules (The debate question, rules for tangential threads, number of posts, time between postings, etc...).

3. Me stepping between them with a thick, surly lower lip and saying, "Are you ready? Are YOU ready??? WELL, LET'S GET IT ON!!!"

someone should also create a debate question thread...and rastus, PAstor Sherm and one other person pick which questions to be discussed!

We can have a rules thread, and then a debate thread.

Hahaha...I like the group option. I fear getting fired if I don't pry myself away from this forum! Also, I think there are some awesome people on both sides. People's knee is a new addition that would be great. Joshua, puzzled, scrapper etc.

Everyone brings a great and different perspective.

How about the benefits of crosstraining in MMA!??! Ooops that was my debates 15 years ago...

I think a debate format would be helpful because the participants are respectable, intelligent people. I have no fears of name calling and insulting statements.

and, frankly, it wouldn't be all that different from what we already have...just bring alot more viewings.

Rastus, you can't moderate, you need to be knee deep in the octagon!


I'll be a tremendous moderator!!! Shame on you for doubting my skillz

But Prof can´t make it, he is currently busy in a debate with me, so sorry guys!