Home audio.

There was a thread here not long ago, but I can't find it now.

Having a new house built and the family room will be a multi-purpose room. It is 18x14 and opens up to the kitchen.

I have poked around on AVSFORUM quite a bit, but it is just too technical most of the time and there is anything but a consensus about what is best.

The walls will be pre-wired for 7.2, though I will likely just run a 5.1 setup.

Thinking about in ceiling for the surrounds and 2 floorstanding speakers and a nice center. I will definitely have a budget...perhaps $2500? Would love to get it all for that, but I do not mind spreading out the purchases either and starting off with a smaller 2.0 or 3.0 setup and adding in other components as I go along.

Definitely would love some amp and/or receiver options as well. The system would be used for music around 70% of the time and movies 30% of the time.


I'll bump the other thread for you. (if it is the one you mean.)

If I were spending $2500, mostly listening to music, and willing to just start with towers, I would look at Ascend
Sierra towers or Salk Song towers. Or something of equivalent value from Focal or Paradigm or Totem or PSB etc....



I might even just stop at a 2.1 setup and never add the center or surrounds if I were doing it again.

Do you like DYI projects? You might start wth a set of these. If you like'em get 2 more pairs and then get the recommended sub as well. Why pay more?


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