Home made bokkens and shotos tips?

anyone have any tips on carving your own wooden katanas and wakizashis?

i recently made a tanto and wakizashi but the wood was medium quality for the shoto so i wrapped duct tape on it :/

any tips would be very helpful thank you

i figured some akido guys made their own weapons

this is an mma forum any further talk of lightsabers will get you banned. Isn't there a dungeons and dragons forum somewhere?

lol yelm are you a cop? it says law enforcement in your profile. do you have a baton? are you trained in it?

dude, try the Weapons Forum under General Forums.

there are some kendo and kenjutsu guys there.

I am currently not a cop. I was trained with a baton but I never carried it. Space on my belt was precious since I only have a 31" waiste.