Home Mats: Resilite or Dullamur?

I'm in the market for some home mats to put either in my garage or
basement. I think I have it narrowed down to either the Resilite
Remnant or the Dollamur flexi-roll mats. Any recommendations either
way would be nice. Also, I have a couple of questions.

  1. What's the difference between the Dollamur wrestling and martial
    arts mats, besides the price?

  2. Is it worth waiting for reconditioned mats to show up on the Resilite
    site, or are they no good?

I have Dollamur flexi-roll mats in my garage. Great quality for the price I paid. I highly recommend them.

can I just lay them down and tape them together and go, or do I need
to build something to keep them from moving around while rolling?

Dollamur. Much more versatile then reslilites. No creasing. Just tape and go.

Is there any difference between the wrestling Flexi-Roll mats and teh
Swain branded ones?

No..they're the same exact thing. Dollamur makes the Swain ones.

cool, the wrestling ones are like $80 cheaper on the Dollamur site.

Oh well...there might be a difference in the surface. The swain ones have the tatame surface which is kind of grainy looking and dollamur has both.

Either way you should be fine with the wrestling surface ones from Dollamur

Get the wrestling surface if you are doing a lot of ground work. That tatame surface can give you burn ya up.

I just TTT'd a "Swain Flex-Roll" thread on the UG for you

Thanks for all the help. I'll probably end up ordering the flexi-rolls
when I get back from vacation in a couple of weeks.

Dollamur all the way, woulnd't contemplate anything else