Homebrew Thread

Just thought I'd give this its own thread, where recipes and techniques could be shared.

Old Rasputin Clone

Special Grains
12oz US Chocolate Malt
10oz Roasted Barley
8oz British Black malt
18oz US 80L Crystal malt
8oz Victory malt

7.25 ibs Muntons extra light DME
4 ibs Alexanders Light malt extract

3oz Clusters 7.3 AA (60 minutes)
1/2oz Centennial (15 minutes)
1/2oz Northern Brewer (15 minutes)
1oz Liberty (2 minutes)
1/2oz Liberty (dry hop in secondary)

Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast

Looks delicious, how is it?

delicious :P ... I only tasted it when it needed some aging, but i'm cracking it open soon after over a year

Yummeh! Sweet man thanks :)

Invalid- if one can only get one kind of malt extract, what changes would one have to make to the recipe?

I really don't think it would make any difference in the finished product - especially a beer in the 9% range. As long as it matches the type (ie. light or extra light), then you should be ok.

cool deal, thanks a lot :)

Here's the recipe for the red I just brewed. I was going for a decent imitation of Alesmith Evil Dead.

8lbs pale ME

2lbs honey

1lb cara munich

6oz chocolate malt

3oz roasted barley

1/2 oz northern brewer for 30

1/2 oz cascade for 10

2 oz willamette for 5

1/2 cascade finish


1 oz chinook to dry hop.

used WLP001 yeast.

BTW avoid the Wyeast Irish Ale yeast, it creates a nasty-ass DMS flavor that annoys me greatly.

As long as we are posting recipes, I just brewed a Stout that I've brewed before. Simple but tasty:

12 lbs Pale Ale Malt

2 lbs white Wheat malt

1 lb Roast Barley

3 oz Fuggles (boil 60 min.) 4% AA pellets in nylon bag
3 oz Fuggles (boil 30 min.) 4% AA pellets in nylon bag

While Labs California ale yeast - pitched from starter

Brewday - mashed grains with 5 gallons in 150 water for 60 min then sparged with 11 gal heated water and drained straight to kettle.

Boiled 1 hour in King Kooker, then chilled wort with immersion chiller for 35 min (using big cooler and ice as a basin), then siphoned
into 7 gal and 5 gal carboys using new auto-siphon racking cane.

Shook carboys 5 min to mix in yeast and aerate more, put carboy into beer fridge at 68 degrees; wort was 70 degrees when I racked to carboy; SG taken was 1.040.

An hour after pitching, fermentation started and 2 hours later was very active.

sounds good

then siphoned into 7 gal and 5 gal carboys using new auto-siphon racking cane

why two carboys, if you don't mind me asking.

MY IPA IS GROWING MOLD!! WTF!!! I need to go buy a turkey baster :(

btw autosiphon rocks my world. I sleep with mine.

(altered the formatting on my recipe, you should be able to read it now.)

invalid, that's a recipe for a 10 gallon batch and I don't have a single carboy big enough for all of it. The 7 and 5 gallon carboys combined however work very nicely by providing a lot of headspace at the top of the each carboy.

"btw autosiphon rocks my world. I sleep with mine."

Some of the best money I've ever spent.

My moldy IPA tastes like shit. That's 3 of 4 beers infected and crappy so far.

that SUCKS, bro! Do you think it was the whole batch or just a few dirty bottles?

I agree: the autosiphon is the greatest

Invalid- I was tasting right out of the fermenter :(

heh - real men drink straight from the carboy. Are you gonna dump it and try again? Where do you think the infection came from?

it was clean and tasty going into the 3rd fermenter after I dryhopped, so my assumption is that I didn't clean it well enough. Ah well.

I bottled it anyway, I'll let it sit for a month or two and see how it turns out.

If you're bottling then the yeast is necessary to carbonate the beer in the bottle. You can certainly minimize it by using filters and clarifiers and quiet racking techniques, but it should always be there.

Honestly tho, in my first couple beers, I didn't filter at all, and my racking technique sucked, but the yeast factor was minimal, basically just a little film on the bottom of the bottle.

I just racked my honey red to the secondary using an autosiphon inside of a fine mesh bag and it didn't pick up hardly any yeast at all. So I poured the yeast into a growler to save as a starter for my next beer :)