Homeless nutjob throws poop at business owner in L.A

Well illegals aliens are being shipped to red states. We all saw how in less then 48 when illegals went to the lefty region of Martha’s Island the military was called.

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Thats not very Liberal of you

The problem is that the ACLU files lawsuits on behalf of the homeless in many places that try to displace them. The ACLU has deep pockets and likes to fuck people up and make an example out of them. Most municipal loitering ordinances, for example, will not stand up to a constitutional challenge because of the right to peaceably assemble. The government cannot and should not be able to mandate housing. But obstructing public right of travel should also be respected and it’s not being done. The practical effect in many places, including where I work, is that bums take over bus stops, parks and sidewalks and make them unusable for people who pay for them through taxes. The best way to get rid of people is to cut off their services. It’s very provable that these people will go to where they can get free shit and not get jammed up for getting high and committing other crimes like theft, burglary, assault, POWPO, prostitution etc… if you start putting people in jail for stealing cars, your car thefts drop. If you stop giving people free shit, they move to where they can get it. It’s very provable.


Imagine being triangled by that dude…in grappling.

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Are you citing that ridiculous WalletHub “study” again? The one where payments to military service members are treated as government assistance.

No joke, you should mind your own “business.”
Tell everyone what jamie thinks.