homeless on oahu

why is it that all the homeless live on the westside? when they get set up in town(nimitz), they get kicked out, but when it's on the westside, it's ok. why can't they move down to port lock area? it seems to be more accepted to have the homeless live on the westside but not in the nicer communities such as hawaii kai or kahala. why? this sucks. the people out there can't even go to the beach sometimes because all the homeless live in the good beach areas.

i know i'm just venting, but it gets very tiring to go help these people almost everyday. they can't afford rent, food, medicine, but they can get beer everyday. what the hell? i feel bad for the kids running around these areas thinking that it's ok to live like that. the kids go to school, come home to the beach, and see their parents not doing anything but sitting on the chair complaining about how their live sucks. do something. try and get a job. i always here that rent is too much. but it's better to rent a studio, have five people share it, than live on the beach. especially if there are kids involved. on the beach, the same five people share a tent smaller than a studio. at least the kids don't have to be homeless. i hear too many people say "look at me" or "why me". stop asking for pity and do something better for the kids. when i go help these people, i don't feel bad for the adults. just the kids.

it's prolly the gubmints intention to "hide" all of Hawaii's homeless on the westside where tourists don't go that much

i agree though, most of them could fix their situation if they put in the effort

i agree with nalupono and reenz. once by kmart nimitz a homeless guy had a sign. most homeless ask for food money. not this guy ... he was up front and his sign said " i wont lie, i want money for beer"

could it be that many homeless have family on the westside...so they live closer to where they have some family support (ie. an auntie who will buy them beer)?

maybe they have family on that side, but everyone of them? less than 20% of the island lives there but seems like it's about 60-70% of the homeless do too. it's just that when things happen down there, people forget to think about it. they say that it's ok because it's waianae or nanakuli. that's why they keep wanting to put another dump down on the westside. why not move it to hawaii kai, kahala, or niu valley? they can't find any land out there? the people on the westside get screwed over time and again. the bad thing is that a lot people just accept it and say that's the way things are.

The govt needs to stop "handing out" welfare checks and make them earn it. Shit, even if its just cleaning the rubbish on the beach, at least make them do something to deserve it. Too many free rides.

Have you ever noticed that during New Years, its these people who collect govt checks that have all the beer and fireworks? They can't buy food and clothes for their kids, but they can sure rack up some aerials.

It's the negative side of tolerance. Not enough people on the westside are complaining about them, so the state/city doesn't come by to chase them out. Then they get such a strong foothold that they become a community. And with the relative comfort of a community and enough handouts (enablers) it even becomes a place some assholes find secure enough to raise kids in.

i agree that people in hawaii kai/kahala would be more vocal about the situation. But just because the westside is not as nice or expensive, doesn't mean they should be left out. it all comes down to money. even if all the people on the westside complained, the gov't would just say "well, what do you want us to do?". if all the homeless moved one day to kahala, the goverment's reaction would be much different. they would never give the same answer. they would say "just move them. if they end up on the westside, out of sight, out of mind". everyone knows it's true.

Frat imo! lol

I think enforcement is a key issue. The State has generally allowed squaters to live on the westside beaches, thereby encouraging/enabling that activity. Maybe those on the westside need to call the police more to get them moving along.

I have a park across from my apt in Makiki and since Mufi chased the homeless out of Ala Moana they've moved into parks like mine. This park has signs saying that its closed at 9pm...so if I see a 'camper' settling in for the night after park closing I always call the police to come move 'em out. Some people say I'm a dick for doing that, but since the homeless have moved into our park car break-ins, petty theft, and trash have plagued our immediate neighborhood. I've even seen the homeless take shits right on the grass. Now our park smells of garbage and feces. Its awful.

How much worse is it on the westside? I see a considerable amount of homeless (hundreds?) in the a'ala & iwilei area. I'm guessing its cuz the IHS is located right there, as well as all the temptations of Chinatown.

so because one area is bad, just keep dumping all the problems on them? if not the homeless, what about a city dump? don't people in hawaii kai have trash? when the city was looking a new site, they never looked on the soutgh side. it was just assumed that the westside of the island is where it should go. right in nanakuli up NAD. is it right that the westside of the island has more landfills than anywhere else? where is the landfill for the southside? oh, don't worry. just put it all in waianae. that's ok that the landfill is right across ko olina where the pro bowl players practice, they hold lpga tours, has one of the better hotels on the island there. when the wind blows the place smells like crap.

wot mr.k's saying is that you can take the moke out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the moke.

basically dissing waianae saying that the hawaii kai peeps wouldnt thrash westside if they were moved there.

*grabs popcorn

Thats what I got from it.

soilent green imo

Actually Hawaii Kai is fucken run down for the most part. I used to live there a long time ago and it was really nice and clean, and everyone kept up on maintenance. It was really sharp.

Recently I drove through the area I used to live and it's all run down and falling apart. The neighborhood has a high percentage of trashy types that has moved in and it's looking beat.

There's no excuse for it either...the streets and homes where well planned and built in the seventies. Mariner's Cove used to be really nice and exclusive by design, and now it's all run down.

The only reason there's no homeless running around there yet is because it's so remote.

In Kailua, there are a few homeless peeps.....a few. They sleep @ buildings @ night. Residents don't tolerate that shit.

But I don't agree w/ Mr.K either. They need jobs.

The guy that owns "blazing steaks" was homeless @ 1 point....look @ him now. DO WORK SON

The homeless in Kailua seem to be the truly crazee ones. They belong in an institution.

I work at iwilei and a couple weeks ago it looked like a cardboard neighborhood. The whole wall by the salvation army was full of tents and cardboard houses. I'm talking a 200 ft length of squatters and homeless. Within about a week, the city had a whole construction crew and tractors cleaning the area.

"...iwilei area"

i recently seen that place nearly clean of homeless peeple. I heard that police and stuff were cleaning and moving all the homeless out but to where ?

I live on the North Shore side and every time i come home from school i would see a bunch of homeless people living on Hau'ula beach park right across 7-11. Every month i notice cars and homeless people starting to gather up(must be the iwilei guys). I see a few homeless guys working, selling coconuts or fruits by the high way but hey they gotta make money somehow.

There are choke homeless people all over the island, not just on the westside. Yah, I agree that there is quite a concentration in Waianae, Maili, Nanakuli, Makaha, but that doesn't mean that the rest of the island isn't plagued by this problem as well.

The difference between Hawaii Kai and Waianae, in my opinion, is that the people in Hawaii Kai respect the area that they live in more.

You hear all the local people on the westside talking about respecting the aina and stuff like that, but at the same time, they're the very ones burning their own backyards.

How many brushfires are there in Waianae as opposed to Hawaii Kai? The brush is pretty much the same in terms of dryness. Sure there is more acreage in Waianae, but still there are way more fires there. The worst part is, it is usually started by people that live out on that side.

As far as the homeless problem, it will never go away as long as people aren't willing to help themselves.