Homeless with $3000

If you were homeless and had bad credit, $3000 and a crappy car, what would you do? Serious financial question. How do you get out of such a situation?

Rent a PO box

Buy nice dress shirt, tie, slacks, belt, and shoes from a 2nd hand store

Get a free government low-income cell phone

Get a job ;)

Forgot to mention a few of those things. You have a very low paying job, and a residential mailing address. You just don't/can't live there.

This is a serious question guys. It wasn't meant as a joke. How would some of you money saavy handle a situation like this?

$3000.00 can go very far in some states and not too far in others, so it really depends on where you live. also it depends on what your goals are.

Personally if I were at a point in my life where I considered 3k to be a lot of money and having more money was my goal then I would first make sure that my car was in the kind of shape that I could go from a to b and then back to a gain. Then I would rent a room for someone out of the paper or wherever else I could just as long as I could feel a sense of peace. Then I would pretend to be sick for about a week from the crappy going nowhere job that I had and make a very strong effort to find another one. thus moving my ass on up in the world.

The worst thing that you can do is just go buy stuff that you don't need. You will regret it and be in the same place you were with a bunch of shit that be of no use in a few short months.

So, you think the best thing to do with the money would be fixing up the car and renting a room? If you were an older person *50's, would you do anything differently? It might be more difficult to land a job. Let's say you also have a Bachelor's degree. What else might you do?

are you in your 50's?

Haha... This is hypothetical, but serious. If I was in this situation, I would cancel my internet and sell my pc. Not me.

Adonis, you say that you would hope you come out okay. Do you mean no problems getting stuff, or sending it all out or what? By the way, please send me an email from that other post "what I find funny." You mentioned some new leads. Thanks

Hey Adonis, where are some good websites to pick up stuff from china at rock-bottom prices?

"I'd raise about $10k in capital, then go out and buy $3,000 worth of stuff from china and pocket the $7,000."

If you're homeless and have bad credit, how the hell are you gonna raise $10,000 in capital?

I think he means he'd advertise things for sale that he didn't actually have in his possession. Once he had a few committed buyers (people who assume he owns the items and has them ready to ship), he'd then purchase the commodity at a low price and ship it to the buyers.

A homeless person with bad credit can save $3000???

I'd rent a room or go in on a shared rental, to get off the street.

You can't get a job if you have no address or phone. You can't do internet business without them, either.

$3000 was given to you as a gift.

very funny, adonis.

not one of your better lines.

Good stuff. thanks guys. I will try to help this person. I think these are all good ideas. The timeline is a good incentive.

Good advice on here. Thanks :)

I know what I would do, but this is almost cheating for me since I'm a pro poker player.

With 3k, use 1k for expenses and 2k for a bankroll, I could immediately make $20 an hour, very conservatively.

As my bankroll increases, I could up that rate.

good thread!