Homemade mat design

Get the highest cushion grade of carpet padding at around $100 bucks for a 6' by 30 yd. roll. I am making a 9'x11' I think, so I am going to cut an 11' foot section and then split the next 11' section in two vertically to make two 3' width sections. Lay a 6' section and then a 3' section for an 11'x 9' single layer. Stack as many layers high as desired being sure to alternate the side that the 3' sections are on for stability. I am going to adhere the layers with a flexible adhesive like silcone. Then put a tarp on top and bottom. (big enough to provide slack and the kind that is solid not fiber). Then make about 2" folds to the center on all sides until they are snug to the pad. Now lay plastic stripping on either side of the fold and drill through it every few inches or so. Use small bolts fasten the two layers of stripping together tight. Saw off the excess bolt and coat both sides with silcone caulk so the are not sharp. Gimme some feedback.

Give me some feedback, like ideas for better materials.