Homeowners Question

Real random...want to replace my sliding screen doors. I have French doors along with sliding screen doors.

The sliding ones are fucked and jammed and bent to shit....old and put in wrong by previous owner.

When I measure for new ones, do I just measure the screens I took down, or the diameter of the slides that they were on?

i'd remove a screen panel and take it to your local window and door supply place personally.

Ate you replacing the fram/tracks? Or just the screen? If you're just replacing the screens, measure the screens. Assuming they fit properly.

First thing you need to do is make sure your homeowners insurance covers you for full replacement in the event of a fire, go to the local Best Buy and pick up the TV of your dreams, ask someone close to you to store it in their garage for a bit. Make sure you don't lose or leave the receipt. 



Burn the fucking house down, and claim the TV was inside!  You just got 2 tV's for the price of one!!!  


Have the builders put in new screen doors because yours suck.