Hominick upset..and fasted KO ever

Courtesy of MMMWeekly:

"Mark Hominick was upset this weekend at the TKO show in Montreal, as he was taken out by Shooto fighter Hatsu Hioki with just one second left in the second round.

Hioki, who is ranked the #2-ranked fighter in Shooto's 143-pound weight class, submitted Hominick by sinking in a triangle choke."


"Chris Clements defeated Lautaro Tucas by KO just three seconds into Round 1 to achieve the fastest knockout in MMA history."

I call bullshit on 3 seconds. How quickly did they come across the cage/ring? did they both run at each other?? But of course i could be wrong/right

kids ko last week had to be at least that fast

I just watched a 4 sec KO last night, must be in the air...


No bullshit. 3 seconds. Originally, it was listed as 4 seconds, but they reviewed the tapes and changed the time. I talked to someone who was there.

The fighter KO'ed ran across the ring full speed and got punched immediately.

so i was wrong/right....thought so ;)

i was in clements corner along with our coach Shawn Tompkins

lautaro sprinted acorss the ring at him and tried to throw a flying knee, chris side stepped and hit him hard

3 seconds is legit guys
great fight to see


There was a clip on the UG a while back of a guy scoring a 2 second KO in some small event.

And I knew Hioki would submit Hominick!

If you try to pull some shit like that on a team tompkins fighter your gonna get knocked out every time.

there was a 2 second KO in an event that used to be held at a bar in des moines.. pro boxer i think KOd some guy that came full speed across the ring

Well Kid tried that shit (running flying knee) and won his last fight in probably 4 seconds. So... you can pull it off.

Remember when Ninja Rua tried that vs Arona and just like superman flew over him when Arona ducked?

Dunno how fast it was, but I attended an event in Reno in 1996 or 1997 (met Novakht) and some guy sprinted across the ring at Bob Cook and Cook immediately laid him out with a straight open hand right. First and only punch of the fight.

Vladdy wore out Joe Pardo like Rocco wears out ass in the main event.


Is Hominick scheduled to fight Gurgel in the UFC?

The KO was funny as hell - looked like a pro wrestling close line. 3 seconds was a legit time -

So how did the Hominick fight go before the sumbission? Was Hominick doing well?