Hominick upset!

Anyone have details?

He fought Hatsu Hioki from Shooto, he's reanked no 7 at 145, and he's a grappling machine. He took Mark down a couple of times, mounted him, at the end of the first round he almost had the armbar but the bell rang. He came out strong in the 2nd, but Hioki managed to take him down again, Mark almost finished him with an armbar, he reversed it took full mount and tried a triangle from the top but Mark reversed him, but the triangle was still tight, there was 10 seconds left, he held on tight and when the bell rang Mark was sleeping.

It was a good fight, but Hominick will be back like he always did.

styles make fights i guess

Does TKO sell DVDs? This fight I want to see.


I wonder if he'll still get matched up against Gurgel?