Hominick wins by TKO

Even with having the IFC Sturgis show cancelled, we still managed to get some serious ring time in for the TKO Superlightweight champ. An awesome Thai Boxing event this past weekend at the Siam #1 school in Toronto.

Mark fought a keen young fighter in a scheduled 3 round bout. The towel was thrown in at 45seconds of the 2nd round to give Hominick an upgrade in his Thai record of 17 wins 0 losses 10 KO's.

See you in Victoriaville....

Good god that guy scares me....

Way to go Mark !

TTT for the Machine

that's a win/loss ratio of %100, wow!

Has he ever had the fortune of fighting at a mike myles promotion in Calgary,because its obvious hes got no competition here in thai

good show mark!

ttt 4 the Machine

Having had the chance to drop in and work out a few times in the past few weeks I have to say, the Tompkins guys are serious like heart attacks.

They are bent on taking the sporting world by storm and there just ain't no stopping what can't be stopped.

That IS an impressive record! Congratulations! And yes, see you in Victoriaville :)

I sense a bit of sarcasm from Magnus' post...lol ;)

Awesome job, Machine!


Hey, stop that! No sarcasm at all intended. 17 wins, 0 losses is obviously very impressive. 17 fights is more than many people have even seen, let alone won.

The "see you in Victoriaville" was my attempt at sounding like all is ready on this side, or some such thing. Perhaps I should have just stuck with congratulating Mark on his latest win.

slinks off in low spirits

What a surprise, dino chimes in with something negative. Grow up.

Give Mark his props or get the fuck off this thread and get back to managing your branch. I'm surprised a bigshot like you has as much time to dick around on the net as you do.

dino77, he may not be as good as the guy mark beat for his ISKA,IKF,or TKO titles but he would stil probably kick your ass.


it was a cool KO!!Good to see the boys again

awesome job bro!

ttt for great fights in Ontario!

I want my $2.22 Dino...


Hominick doesn't fight anyone unless they're tough, plain and


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...and all the guys I met at Tompkins are pretty damn tough.