Hominick wins!!!!

great fight by the Machine, wins a Un Dec in Montreal

congrats to Mark, and congrats to Guilett for stepping up and taking on Hominck, and appearing to be game.

lasting 3 rounds with Hominick says something, one tough kid

yeah, he didn't do that badly against Estrada either. Jay would ultimately prove to be too much, but he had his moments, and gave Jay a good test on short notice as Stouts replacement.

woop woop, congrats machine!!

Hominick is entertaining. Will he be back in the UFC?

Wasnt Hominick supposed to fight Menjivar?

"Wasnt Hominick supposed to fight Menjivar?"

He's out with an injury I do believe

Menjivar pulled out his fight due to the Oct 9th Hero's event, where he'll face Caol Uno.

The situation is controversial over here in Mtl...