I searched "homo" and didn't find a thread about it. 

Let's say someone is all for gay rights and what not. Marry, join the military, become president or whatever. Let's say that same person is grossed out by a pic of two dudes kissing smeared in cake (?).

Would that make him a bad person?


Yet to see the light?


if you arent grossed out i wouldnt consider you completely straight

if you arent sexually attracted to dudes, seeing them do sexual things wouldnt be something youd like, independent of how you feel about the people engaging in the acts

So you are saying that person is technically politically correct - but unfortunately happen to be heterosexually wired - when not wanting to see that on the front page of the OG?


you cant help who you are right?

and to be honest, i wouldnt be surprised if gay people arent as grossed out seeing straight people kiss. that is the reproductive order of things so im sure somewhere in their dna is an attraction to the opposite sex