Honest Noob Question (Not a Troll)

In the UK we do not get Bellator whatsoever so its only what I can find online.

So my question is,

What is Bellator FC?

Is it a "Show" like TUF or is it stand alone events like a PPV? or both?

I want to start watching it but do I need to see any prior ones first?

I know I'm gonna be called all the noobs going but please excuse my ignorance, we all gotta start somewhere right?

 its a tournament-style promotion

It holds events like UFC or SF, it's live, and it's in a tournament format. Maybe start at the beginning of this season to catch up on the tournaments. Phone Post

Diolch Yn Fawr Guys, I'm Gonna get on it

not a stupid question at all

 google is your friend

Bellator's featherweight champ Joe Warren is pretty damn good. Go watch some any of his old fight from Dream in Japan or Bellator.