Honest Opinions of Ephedrine

This may not be quite the right forum but I expect the best answers here.
What are peoples honest opinions on the use of ephedrine?
Specifically to help shed some weight coming up to a fight.
A 'friend' of mine has an upcoming fight- weigh-ins same day- and has some unwanted pounds to shed.
This would purely be a short-term, very specific usage so spare me the bogeymen of long-term use.

Waste of money, risk for your health.

I say go for it!

Really Fabes?
Waste of money as in it has little discernable benefits?
Are you saying this from first-hand experience?

Get in the fucking sauna!

you could pick up some bronchaid from your local CVS, and stack it with caffeine pills (i use No Dos) and aspirin. If you're unaccustomed to stimulants, use this shit sparingly, it may not be overly pleasant. And you will build up a tolerance to it, and it may fuck with your moods a bit. It made my temper unusually bad...I say, try a treadmill + decent calorie restricted diet stack.

Thanks for the feedback guys. If people could tell me about first-hand experiences as opposed to alternatives such as treadmills and saunas that would be super.
Lets take it that I am doing these but want to know more about mother natures gentle helping hand.

Bootsy Collins - Really Fabes?
Waste of money as in it has little discernable benefits?
Are you saying this from first-hand experience?

Yes and yes.

You can get better feedback on the Strength & Conditioning Forum.


so what you're saying is, you don't want to be miserable in the sauna and cut weight like everybody else? and you just want to take some pills to do the job for you? weak.

Thanks Fabes. My diet is fairly spartan at the mo and I have upped my cardio.
Might take it to the S & C forum.
I appreciate the feedback

I used to use it and never use it while doing aerobic exercise. It makes you feel like you can go alot more, but the strain it will put on your heart can damage you. Remember Corey Stringer of the vikings, he took too much and was working out and had a stroke or heart attack.
From what I read, Ephredrine works by not allowing your heart to expand all the way which gets it to pump shorter and harder, this puts more oxygen in your system and like a welding torch, adding oxygen makes your temperature rise. This rise is what burns fat. You can do it while not exercising is my recommendation. I do not use it anymore because I think the risk is not worth it.

Thanks Mike.
I never thought about using it whilst NOT working out- seems a little more logical.
By this do you mean use it on the days you don't exercise or do a full cycle with little or no exercise cos I can't really do the latter

Squatdog - LOL@waste of money...I used to get it for NZ$12 a bottle of 100 25mg tabs.

Right. And that was a waste of $12 my imo.

But hey, if you like it and it works for you, more power to you.

i've used it before as part of a diet plan, i use it on days when i wasn't working out so i would burn some fat while i was at work sitting around, worked pretty well but i would definitley advise using it before any type of excercise

it works. but you MUST follow the directions. most of the people that died from it didn't use it correctly.
either used too much -more than recommended; and/or let themselves get overheated.
If you take it, just follow the directions.

i've not had problems or become overheated while doing a regular workout.

What ever happened to good old honest hard work?  Although I have to admit I've used an eca stack in the past. 

My experience with it wasn't so pleasant.  It made me incredibly irritable (more so than usual), I'd get the shakes, had a hard time concentrating.  I also went to the doctor for a checkup during a cycle (if you're going to do this make sure it's only for short periods and then come off for a bit before starting again, you build a tolerance very fast and will need to keep increasing your dosage if you don't), and the doctor noticed that my blood pressure at the time would be considered incredibly poor for an overweight, out of shape 60 year old man.  This was last year, I'm only 31 and in the best shape of my life.  Long story short, it was the stack.  Dropping the stack brought my blood pressure back to normal.

As already mentioned though, you're going to get much better answers if you post these types of questions in the S&C forums.



that's just my experience. i'm no doctor though, so if you listen to me it's at your own risk.

Please sign on the line releasing me of any liability.

oh, and like anything, it affects everyone different. so start slow, and if you have issues with it, like 1armedScissors, STOP IMMEDIATELy.

James, you really feel that taking Ephedrine is necessary?

You will need to up your water intake for maximum effect, which if you are trying to cut weight might not be the best idea

ECA stack is hands down the best fat burner out there, gives very good energy and kicks metabolism into high gear.

Just make sure you know the proper dosage, and yes it can be dangerous especially if you abuse it, just like anything else.

I suggest bodybuilding.com for more info.